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Pay It Forward

Nana's Cafe is a home style cafe. It is located in Lake Dallas, Texas.

Nana's Cafe owner, Gayla Lane, wanted to create a place for the Lake Dallas community where they could feel like family. She said owning the cafe means everything to her. She has overcome downfalls in which she was almost homeless, overcame cancer, seen her mother and grandson battle cancer.

Frequent customer, Mike, being served by Lane. He comes in almost every morning and is a familiar face around the cafe.

Lane's daughter, Sherrie Morris, works part-time at the cafe. Lane said Sherrie has been an influential person in her life.

Grabbing a bite to eat in the morning, Lane served a customer on their way to work.

Many people come to Nana's to socialize. Friend and frequent customer, Donna Duncan, likes coming to the cafe to talk to Lane.

Friends and customers socializing outside the cafe.

Cafe worker and friend, Sharee wrote the daily special.

After a long day, Lane and Sharee go over how much in tips were earned for the day.

It is closing time for Nana's Cafe. Lane is living her dream each and everyday.