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Nine Years

Jose Madero, migrated from Tunkas, Mexico, to Los Angeles, to give his family a better life and build a house in his hometown. A picture he took in Los Angeles of the house he wanted to build his family back home.

Jose's wife, Raquel, would send pictures of his children to Los Angeles while he had been away for nine years. A picture of daughter, Carolina, whom he had never met for nine years. Madero said this is his favorite picture of Carolina that Raquel sent him.

Now that Madero is back, he works in the fields for his father to make money. They grow corn, pumpkin, watermelon and harvest honey. Jobs are scarce in Tunkas and he makes enough to help his family out.

The only tool Madero uses to cut the fields. He is sharpening it to cut down the plants to help regeneration of the crops.

Wife, Raquel and daughters, Carolina and Lucely spending time together at home. Raquel has been the father and mother figure for her daughters while Jose has been away. Since his return home, the girls say their she is the disciplinarian and Jose only wants to have fun with his daughters.

Video Portfolio

Carolina drew this picture for her father. Three weeks ago, she met her father for the first time in her life. He had been gone from his family for nine years.